Boakye Lab In the Department of Neurosurgery

Neural Plasticity Lab
Maxwell Boakye, MD FACS

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The Neural Plasticity Laboratory (NPL) is interested in changes in sensorimotor cortical and spinal physiology after injury to the central and peripheral nervous system. We utilize multimodal approaches such as functional magentic resonance imaging(FMRI), transcranial magnetic stimulation(TMS) movement related cortical potentials(MRCP), somatosensory evoked potentials and electromyographic(EMG) methods to study sensorimotor plasticity after injury. The current major focus is on spinal cord injury with the goal of understanding the relationship between sensorimotor plasticity and recovery after spinal cord injury. Second, we want to develop better tools for studying spinal physiology in humans. A third focus is to understand the interaction between genes, sensorimotor plasticity and recovery from spinal cord injury.


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